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Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform designed for insights professionals, marketers and agencies who want to test, learn and move faster. It is the only market research platform with solutions that have been independently validated to predict sales and brand growth. We are committed to helping you unlock powerful insights through our verified audiences, intuitive self-serve dashboards and expert consulting - in over 70 countries.

About Kantar Marketplace

Interpret your results with highly intuitive and easily configurable dashboards. Explore survey findings at a high level or zero in on the details. Easily compare results across tests or versus our norms.

Speed without compromise

Get ultra-fast creative testing insights, backed by machine learning technology which has been trained on the world's largest ad testing database of 230,000 ads.

Industry-leading brand equity framework


Take advantage of flexible service options that allow you to tap into expertise at any time, on any project. Access Kantar specialists in your market who can guide you through survey setup and interpreting results.

Global scale

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“I am very happy with Kantar Marketplace for ad testing. The dashboard is very clear, which allows us to quickly and easily identify what works/what doesn't work and to get a good overall understanding of the results.”

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"LINK on Kantar Marketplace is instrumental in the development of breakthrough creatives for the Heineken brand. It is user-friendly and delivers strategic guidance on how to select and optimise creatives; pivotal in taking campaigns to market. "

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Build stronger campaigns with ad testing tools that are remarkably fast and flexible

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Say goodbye to guesswork.

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Why choose Kantar Marketplace?


Get early input to inform creative development for digital, TV and cinema ads.


See if your online ads are strong enough to cut through on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youku and out of context.


Measure and improve the strength of your television and video subscription services ads.

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Remarkably fast

Get high-quality results in as few as 15 minutes.

Drive commercial outcomes with solutions that are independently validated to predict sales and brand growth.

Evaluate advertising in nearly any market with access to more than 150 million consumers in 70+ markets worldwide.

Decision-quality insights.

Global footprint

Powerfully simple

View your project results in a dynamic, easy-to-use dashboard so you can start planning your next move immediately.

Flexible and scalable  

Focus in on only the insights that matter for your campaign, tapping into as little or as much expert support as you need.

Run high impact advertising campaigns without wasted spend

Quickly understand if your creative is strong enough to deliver on your marketing objectives using the most powerful ad testing software on the market.

Launch your advertising campaigns with confidence

Test more of your advertising, faster than ever before

LINK AI is a robust, artificial intelligence-based tool for testing TV and digital advertising. It’s designed for the speed and scale of today’s campaigns, delivering results in as few as 15 minutes. Quickly and simultaneously process high volumes of creative, allowing you to test more of your advertising than ever before. LINK AI is ideal for high volume ad testing, ad versioning, short-run ads, and secondary campaign assets, or when you need to make ultra-fast or last-minute campaign decisions.



Discover the most powerful way to make creative work

LINK+ is a powerful, flexible solution for evaluating and optimising creative, giving you the insight to create stronger ads that increase sales and build brand value. It brings together the speed of survey automation with the ability to tailor your project, so you get results in as few as 6 hours – fine-tuned to your campaign objectives. Whether you need a quick go/no-go decision or detailed insight to guide early creative development, LINK+ can be configured to measure only the KPIs that matter to you.

Powerful technology

Make decisions confidently with the benefit of survey sampling that is unparalleled on breadth, depth and quality. All respondents are identity-verified so you know you can trust your results.

Iterate and optimise throughout the campaign development lifecycle

Whether you’re exploring initial storyboard concepts, fine-tuning animatics or double-checking that your final execution is launch-ready, you can rely on LINK+ to help you bring the best creative ideas to life.

Print and outdoor

Evaluate and optimise your print, out of home and point of sale creative.

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Trusted by forward-thinking brands worldwide

Get fast feedback on your creative with Kantar Marketplace.